As a Community College or Small Private Institution, you need a different kind of partner.

You need a company that understands your unique challenges, has solutions tailored to your needs and budget, and that is extremely flexible to adapt to your environment.

Welcome to Markations – Higher Ed

We started out in the for-profit universe 10 years ago, and are now following our passion for Higher Education. We have been working within the space for over 7 years, and have been executing, improving, and fine-tuning our product and service offerings ever since.

Beginning in 2018, we are bring our Higher Ed solutions to market.

Our team is comprised of designers, developers, project managers, content writers, and search engine marketing experts. We not only have experience within higher education, but also in a wide variety of industries allowing us to bring a fresh perspective to your marketing and digital challenges. Finally, we have used a wide variety of systems, methodologies, and tools. These experiences drive our flexibility, and our passion for providing tremendous value for every one of our engagements.

We look forward to learning more about your challenges, and how we might be able to partner with your organization.

Adam Nichols
President, Markations

Our Founders

Adam Nichols

Founder & CEO

Jenna Nichols

Creative Director