Markations Catalog

You absolutely must have a searchable, sortable, easy-to-manage, integrated online course catalog.

If you are looking for a very expensive curriculum management process, with detailed workflows, and a long implementation time – this is not for you.

If, however, you need an easy-to-manage online catalog, you want to move quickly, and you don't want to spend a fortune – you have found your solution!

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Stop Taking Students Off Your Website!

Markations Program Page Integration Service

It is critical that your program pages be optimized for prospective students. Many colleges spend a lot of time and resources ensuring that these pages have engaging content, rank well in search engines, and have strong calls to action.

Unfortunately, most colleges skip the final step of integrating this content into their website, and instead send users to an external site or PDF. When you take users off from your website you are losing conversions!

As a stand-alone service, we can quickly and inexpensively integrate your curriculum and career data into your program pages. We do this using the available APIs for your content regardless of the platform. If there isn't an available API we can discuss options and alternative approaches.

Let us help you improve your website engagement and requests for information!

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You Don't Need To Spend a Fortune for a Powerful Platform

Markations Higher Ed CMS

You need a flexible and powerful platform to manage your rapidly changing content, users, and technology requirements. You don't need to spend a fortune on a proprietary, closed-source system.

Our Higher Education Content Management System is developed on WordPress, and includes code, plugins, and modules for common processes and requirements. Every site we develop is fully responsive, W3C validated, and focused on accessibility.

If you are considering a major change, you owe it to your team to have a conversation with us.


Wordpress Based







Calendar Integration

Calendar Integration

Police Blotter

Police Blotter

Directory System

Directory System


Athletics Mini-Site

Directory System

Faculty Template



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Markations College App

Put your college's information at the fingertips of your students (and prospective students).

Responsive websites are great, but offline access is generally not available, and getting to the desired section of your website can be a slow process.

Most sites still can't provide in-site messages, and even the ones that can are very limited.

With our college app platform:

  • Your students will get the information they need quickly.
  • Your institution will be able to provide students with additional tools to help them stay engaged.
  • You will be able to send targeted messages to your students based on a variety of criteria.

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Meet Markations, your newest, most flexible, and most efficient team member.

Markations Team Services

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could hire a single team member that was an expert at branding, copy writing, graphic design, digital development, project management, marketing automation, search engine marketing and more? It would be even better if that person could somehow manage to do several of those things at the same time. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

With Markations, you can hire a team of marketing, design, and development experts for the same cost as hiring a single team member! And because you are working with a team of professionals, we're able to deliver projects and manage tasks at a faster rate. That means you get better quality work for less money.

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"We needed a team to help us develop and execute our marketing vision. Markations has been a fantastic partner for us. In addition to providing high-level guidance and suggestions, they have been able to act as a utility player for our Marketing Operations. They manage our public website including providing end-user support to site administrators. When we are overloaded for print design, copywriting, or document publishing they can help with that as well."
Patrick Madama
Vice President, IA
Middlesex County College

Capture and Keep the Attention of Prospective Students

Enrollment Marketing Services

You have a great institution, your staff is dedicated and engaging, and your students go on to do amazing things. So why is it so hard to grow your enrollment?

The answer is different for every college or university, but one thing is common across all organizations. The competition for the attention of your prospective students has never been higher. If you do not have a solid foundation in place for your brand, your messaging, your process, and your technology, you will not be maximizing your enrollment potential.

We help you optimize each element of your Enrollment Marketing Strategy. Some of our services include:

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Brand Development


Graphic Design

Marketing Automation

Website Design & Development

Online Advertising Management

Search Engine Optimization

Email Campaigns